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2 lbs


24" Pattern


Surface Mount: Nail-Up, Glue-Up or Screw-In application

sound absorption for enhanced acoustics



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Product Description

One of our newer designs, Royal is a strikingly ornate 24” tin ceiling tile guaranteed to imbue any room with an opulent flair. Designed with ribbons, beads, and a classy floral motif, Royal patterned tin ceiling tiles from Tin Ceiling Xpress will emphasize any surface or room. The heavy ornamentation of this tin tile makes it perfect for rooms with a vintage aesthetic. Royal metal ceiling tiles are pressed from fine authentic tin, and can be effortlessly installed as a drop ceiling using a grid (lay in) or as surface mount. Our Royal patterned metal ceilings are available unfinished or pre-finished in a variety of gorgeous finishes (for our entire catalog of finishes, please visit our Available Finishes page). For information about tin ceiling installation, please visit our tin ceiling installation guide. NEW! Now all Tin Ceiling Xpress ceiling tiles are available with WhisperTech® acoustic dampening technology, providing the best noise reduction for your Commercial or Residential project.

Tin Ceiling Xpress now offers custom face plates for all your Backsplash and Wainscoting needs. For a complete listing of our custom face plates, please visit our Face Plate page.

Royal Tile Sample Image 1
Royal Sample Image 1
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