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Victoriana patterned tin ceiling tiles are unmatched in class and elegance. Inspired by the eclectic and ornamented decorative styles of the Victorian era, Victoriana tin tiles feature a 12” repeated motif which evokes a sense of classical sophistication. These metal ceiling tiles are pressed from fine authentic tin (you’ll find no faux tin ceiling tiles here!) and are ideal for installation in spacious rooms such as your living room or commercial establishment. Victoriana tiles are available unfinished or pre-finished in classic vintage hand-painted, clear lacquer, white, powder-coated, and faux wood grain finishes (for a complete listing of finishes, please visit our Available Finishes page). Victoriana metal ceiling tiles can be easily installed as a drop ceiling using a grid (lay in) or as direct-apply (nail up).NEW! Now all Tin Ceiling Xpress ceiling tiles are available with WhisperTech® acoustic dampening technology, providing the best in noise reduction for your home and office.

Tin Ceiling Xpress now offers custom face plates for all your Backsplash and Wainscoting needs. For a complete listing of our custom face plates, please visit our Face Plate page.

Large Floral Before
Victoriana Sample
Victoriana & Liberty Cornice

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